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This week Lyle Shelton has joined the Australian Conservatives. It's Labor vs Greens for the seat of Batman… ne-ne ne-ne ne-ne ne-ne… and businesses aren't happy about the idea of paying their employees more, imagine that. 

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The Australian government wants to be a major weapons exporter… yay? NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance doesn't believe in democracy… when it comes to boat naming. And in a rare positive story from us, Sydney Uni is going to start teaching consent. I'm sure the comments will all be lovely.


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Got some classic culture war schtick for you this week: Queensland drivers licenses won't need to list your gender any more, Mark Latham has launched a strange ad in order to save Australia Day, and Sydney train drivers are going on strike next week, but how hard can that job really be? Hoo boy.

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New year! New attempt at a naming scheme! New ambition to do the podcast regularly.

This week we find out it was hot in Penrith, James might be in a gang, and we take a little peek at the kind of primo content you can expect to receive if you support the show at

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Just before you count down 10 to 1, take a moment to reflect on what an exhausting clusterfluck Australian politics has been in the last 6 months.

James and Nick are together in the studio again at last to recap the news from July to December.

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Good lord what a terrible year. Here and abroad. James and Nick recap the top news stories that happened in the first half of 2017. And you know what? Enough garbage fires have happened since the January-May garbage fires that you've probably forgotten most of them! Isn't that fun.

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James and Nick talk the Liddel power plant shutdown, unfortunately Milo's visit, and fortunately how the gays defeated parliament and restored democracy to Australia. 

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James and Nick talk about 100 songs being played on a different day, Turnbull shamefully turning on his beloved banks, and the same sex marriage legislation hopefully for the last time.

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This week James and Nick reflect on the victory of the same-sex marriage postal survey that no one wanted and never should have been.

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Not a particularly tasty week of news. A bunch of morons have made us come to Sam Dastyari's defence. New Zealand are trying to help us out of our Manus Island situation and the Australian Government isn't having it.


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